BOX FRONT 850/1000

  • Artnr: 942-0126

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The front ATV box is created for the CF Moto 850XC/X8/X10 ATV and intended for transportation of small luggage. Design features have provided that the ATV box does not exceed the ATV dimensions, and perfectly mounted on the hood. In addition, the height of the ATV box does not cover the lights does not violate the driver's view.
Weight of ATV box is only 3,5 kg, so an additional load on the hood ATV is negligible, which is important for the balance of the ATV design. ATV box attached to the hood quick-release fasteners that do not require special tools, which makes installation easy and quick.
The complete set of ATV box includes 2 metal lock that locked by keys. This ensures security for your belongings. In addition, water- and dust-proof rubber seal on the lid of ATV box ensure cleanliness and protection of your luggage in the most demanding conditions.

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